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What is a Migraine Headache?

Like back pain, headaches are one of the most common adult complaints keeping you from doing the things you enjoy and the people you love. There are several types of headaches with a range of symptoms. While the causes of migraine headaches is largely still unclear, they can be described as an intense throbbing and/or pulsing sensation in one area of the head and/or neck. Migraines are commonly accompanied by nausea, vomiting and an extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Pain from migraine headaches can last a few hours or days and be so severe that the best treatment is lying down in a very quiet, dark room until the pain subsides. Some migraine sufferers experience a sensory warning (aura), such as flashes of light or blind spots in their vision hours before the pain begins. 

Migraine Headache Common Causes:

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